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ElevateLyf empowers universities by offering webinars and therapy sessions tailored to professors and teachers, fostering their mental well-being and resilience.

We help with well-being of students
Creating a culture of well-being for students to flourish.
Worldwide premium services
Bringing mental wellness services to students worldwide, wherever they are.
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Trusted by over 5+ of the world’s Universities

Globally Empowering Universities

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Motivation and Studies Stress

Our student well-being program empowers individuals through therapy, alleviating stress and cultivating motivation for a fulfilling and balanced educational journey.

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Spillover from Personal Life

Program equips individuals to effectively navigate personal challenges, minimizing their impact on academic performance

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Confidence and Harrasment

Programs Foster confidence and resilience while providing support in addressing and navigating challenges, ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment.

We Provide World Class Students Motivation and Well-Being Services.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional care, tailored to the unique needs of your University. From confidential counseling and mental health support to comprehensive resources and wellness initiatives, our world-class student services empower your students to thrive personally and professionally.

World Class Programs
World Class Programs
We provide International level Well-Being Programs
Premium Support
On Time Support by our care experts
Reports for Tracking Usage

Detailed Tracking and Report to Monitor engagement by your students and professors

Expert Psychologists and Dieticians
Expert Psychologists and Dieticians
Selected psychologists and dieticians from across the globe
Premium Quality

ElevateLyf Institution Wellness Program

1:1 Therapy
Confidential one-on-one sessions with students/professors.
Individual Assessment
Employing standardized assessments to monitor students mental well-being
1:1 Career Consultation
Personalized career consultations tailored to individual aspirations
Empowering Leaders
We provide curated sessions for new professors, equipping them with essential leadership insights and skills
Team Building Activities
We facilitate online sessions focused on fostering team cohesion through engaging activities.
Inclusive Growth
Specialized programs promoting allyship and inclusiveness for the LGBTQ+ community.
Interactive webinars featuring global experts, engaging your students and professors with valuable insights
University Level Assessment
Comprehensive assessment reports at the University level, leveraging captured information
Weekly Awareness
Weekly delivery of informative content like articles, videos covering various well-being topics.
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Transform your students with our empowering students wellness solutions, fueling the well-being of your students and professors

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University Wellness

ElevateLyf's well-being services for universities are a game-changer, creating a healthier campus. Highly recommended for their transformative impact on student well-being!

University Wellness

Their tailored programs and dedicated support have made a significant impact, and we highly recommend ElevateLyf to any university seeking to prioritize student well-being.

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